If you want to learn more about Willow, we’d love to connect! Simply click the button below, fill out the short form, and a staff member will follow up with you this week. 

You can also view ways to connect, grow, and serve here!

More ways to get involved:

Find Connection in an Online Small Group

If you would like to find community in this season, re-connect with people from our church, or just have some conversation, click here, and we will get you connected!

Experience God’s Word with Daily Devotionals

You can sign up to have the Daily Devotional delivered to your inbox. Join us Monday to Friday in exploring a Bible passage. We provide some context, observations, questions and a prayer to support you.

Content for Kids & Students

Want to help your kids grow in their faith? Promiseland, Elevate, Impact, and Special Friends offer weekly videos and programs to cultivate their faith. Learn more here.

Download the Willow Creek App

Have you ever wondered how you figure out what next step to take or how to get connected? The new Willow Creek App will make that just a little bit easier. Download it today in the App Store or Google Play.

Deepen Your Faith with A New Story: Resources for New Believers

Jesus invites us to question, explore, and discover our new story with Him. This library of resources is designed to help. Being a follower of Jesus isn’t merely about the moment He rescued your soul. In your story, that moment was the turning point, the beginning of a new chapter, and the ultimate plot twist. But, that moment has implications and leads to lots of questions. You’re in a good place if you have questions. “A New Story” is a library of resources for new disciples of Jesus. It’s designed to help you explore and discover. Learn more here.

Help your Neighbors

Want to serve your neighbors? Print this page and put it by their door to start the conversation. If you learn they have a need of food, fill out this form for Care Center assistance.

Support During a Difficult Time

We have pastors on call 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday, who are ready to listen and pray with you. Simply call 847-765-5000 and ask to speak with a response pastor. You can also fill out our prayer request form, and our prayer team will lift up your request.

If you are in need of groceries or other tangible assistance, our Care Center can help. Click here to learn more.

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