Choose 1 or more activities to do with your family throughout the week. Share photos and videos on our Promiseland Parents Facebook Group page or on Instagram @promiselandwccc. Use #PLFamilyFun to tag your posts!

June 15-19

Talent Show-and-Tell

Dance, Dance! Your family can make up a dance! Has anyone seen Tik Tok lately? There are so many fun ideas! Can you come up with your own funky move?! Ask your kiddos to join you in creating a short, fun dance & share it with each other, us, and even the world if you would like! Tag us on our Instagram & Facebook pages. Use #PLFamilyFun to tag your posts!

Creativity Corner

Water Paintings: It may sound weird, but I’m telling ya, the kiddos will love it! All you need is a bucket, some sort of painting tool (brush, roller, big or small!) & water! If it’s a sunny day, have your kids “paint” the driveway or sidewalk with their own water creations, and see how long the artwork will last before the sun dries it up! Show us your fun on our Promiseland Parents Facebook group page and/or on Instagram @promiselandwccc. Use #PLFamilyFun to tag your posts!

Family Fun

Classic Movie Night: For this family fun, bring back a classic movie from your childhood & share it with your kiddos! What was your favorite movie to watch when you were their age? Tell them about it and why you loved it, and who knows, maybe it will become their favorite too?! Got a good suggestion? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram pages. #PLFamilyFun

Get Moving!

Classic Backyard Games: We must be feeling nostolgic, because the “good ole times” are sounding like so much fun! Teach your kiddos some of your favorite backyard games! Remember “Kick the Can?” or “Capture the Flag” and “Spud?!” Share your videos with us on Facebook or Instagram #PLFamilyFun!

Self Care

Make your own Facials: There are a ton of great recipes online for an “At Home Facial.” See what you have in your pantry & take 15 minutes to pamper yourself! Make sure to put on some music and take slow, deep breaths while you let the world around you just fade away. Here is a link to one we love:

Family Challenge

Let’s Love Others: Let’s get creative and think about how we can love others well during this time. We would love to see what your family is intentionally doing to love others. Are you sending letters? Or having Zoom calls with Grandparents you can’t see? Are you serving at the Care Center or somewhere else? Share with us on Instagram and Facebook. Use #PLFamilyChallenge to tag your photos.

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